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Welcome to Civilization Revolution! Civilization Revolution is a strategic game based on real life world nations fighting against each other in an either single player or multiplayer map. You can get a group of friends to play in a private server, or you can play against random people in an online public game mode to test your skill. There are 16 civilizations to pick from, some more challenging than others, with all different bonuses and buffs. When playing the game, you must play it strategically to match the bonuses of the civilization you have picked.

Winning the GameEdit

There are 4 ways to win in Civilization Revolution; Domination, Gold, Technology, and Culture. Each victory has a different difficulty of accomplishing depending on the Civilization you have chosen. For example, it might not be a good idea to go for a domination victory as Gandhi and the Indians, but going for a technology victory with them might be a better option.

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